A planet is a celestial body made up of either matter or gas in orbit around a star. In the known solar system (or Sol system), there are eight such bodies classified as planets in orbit around a single white star. Ancient astrologers once believed that the star, or sun orbited the planet Earth, but as scientific knowledge evolved, it was proven to be the other way around. Many planets have their own natural satellites, or moons in orbit around them. Earth, being the pithy little planet that it is has only one moon, while that funky ringed gigantoid known as Saturn has friggin' sixty-two moons. We suck.

Of course when it comes to fictional planets, there are literally a gajillion of them. There are not many occasions within the Godzilla film series for characters to venture forth to another planet. One rare instance was the world known as Planet X, which is located somewhere beyond the orbit of Jupiter. In the movie Invasion of Astro-Monster, two astronauts named Glenn Amer and K. Fuji journeyed to Planet X where they met the Xians. As it turned out, Planet X was kinda sucky, with little more to offer than rugged, mountainous landscapes and underground warrens. Moreover, the place was consistently getting the crap kicked out of it by everyone's favorite space dragon, King Ghidorah. The Xians tricked Glenn and Fuji in bringing their own homegrown Earth monsters, Godzilla and Rodan over to Planet X to whup Ghidorah's ass.

Solar system planets

Fictional planets

Name Film/Franchise
Acheron Aliens film series
Ahch-To Star Wars
Aria Prime Star Wars
D'Qar Star Wars
Fiorina 161 Aliens film series
Hoth Star Wars
Jakku Star Wars
Krypton Superman film series/DCEU
Lah'mu Star Wars
NaJedha Star Wars
Planet X Godzilla film series
Tatooine Star Wars

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