Sunny Palms Lodge
Category: Nudist Club
Continent: North America
Country: USA
State: Florida
City: Homestead

History Edit

Sunny Palms Lodge is a nudist camp in Florida. The reporter Stacy Taylor was to write an exposé of this location, but after she had spent some time there, she wrote a rather positive review of the place.

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Residents of Sunny Palms Lodge Edit

  • Annette - Member
  • Arthur Sherwood - Member
  • Ben - Member
  • Bill - Member
  • Eleanor - Member
  • Fran - Member
  • Frank - Member
  • Helen - Member
  • John - Member
  • Marie - Member
  • Phyllis - Member
  • Stacy Taylor - Member
  • Susan - Member
  • Tom - Member
  • Zelda R. Suplee - Camp Director

In Film Edit

  • Diary of a Nudist: Most of the film is set in this location as the lead character, Stacy Taylor, is sent there to report what goes on in a sun camp.

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